Welcome to Contacts Migration

Contacts Migration allows migrate your contacts from/to your Android/iPhone to/from any other Android or iPhone device.

You can migrate them directly through Internet: choose user & password and export them to the cloud. You will only need to use the same user & password in the target device to import contacts. We will store contacts in the cloud for three days giving you time to import them. All data will be send through secure SSL layer.

You can also do it manually: choose export contacts to a file, copy the file to the target device and import it. If you do it from an iPhone, read Apple support to learn how to get/copy files from/to your iPhone.

You will be able to choose which contacts import/export. And yes, also contact photos will be imported/exported.

You'll need iPhone version from the App Store to import/export to/from an iPhone device and Android version from Amazon to do it from an Android device.

There is demo/lite versions available at AppStore.